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In Os Sauna, we focus on community and considerate use. It is essential that everyone who uses our facilities respects the following conditions:


1. Alcohol consumption is not permitted in and around Steinneset, in accordance with Norwegian alcohol legislation.
2. If you share the sauna with others, please show good etiquette by not taking up more space than you need. 
3. Maintain a clean and tidy environment by leaving the sauna as you found it.
4. Avoid bringing food or snacks into the sauna room itself.
5. Only clear, fresh water may be poured over the sauna stones.
6. It is strictly forbidden to give access to people who have not paid for it. 
7. Also think about our neighbors and others who use the Steinneset area; show consideration in all use and stay.
Ignoring these conditions may result in the termination of the agreement, as well as possible legal measures, including exclusion and compensation claims.

We appreciate your contribution to creating a pleasant and inclusive atmosphere in Os Sauna.

Rules of use for Os Sauna

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